Friday, 8 October 2010

Rowanberries from Sweden

Rowanberrieies are very common in Sweden, from the south part to the north part of the "long" country.
Often it is like a bush, and the seldom becomes more than 10 meters high.
The rowanberry trees blooms in May, with white flowers which a wonderful smell. The insects love the flowers.
Rowanberry is closely related to apple and pears and the berries look like small, small red apples. The berries are ready in August and the birds like to eat them. You can find berries left on the bare tree in the winter.
You can pick the berries and make marmalade or jelly.
Rowanberry is a sour berry ... and the fox in the fable also realized that.
"Sour, said the fox, about the rowanberries."
Do you have rowanberries in your country? What is the most common berry in your neighbourhood?

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