Thursday, 25 November 2010

My summer story

This summer I had a really great time. One of the reason is the first day of holidays.
When I was walking along the beach and checking all the people, I saw a huge rock at the end of the bay. It was a very special shape and that is why I decided that I look at it a little closer. When I came to it, the rock seemed to be even bigger and magnificent. I sat down and watched it when a boy came to me and started to telling me a story about this rock. We started to talk about other things too and we slowly became friends. Because of this rock these holidays will always be on my mind. I met a great boy and a wonderful friend.

Friday, 29 October 2010


Class 5 -6 ( 11-12 years old) takes part in an international art competition. Every year LIONS invites the 11-13 years old pupils to join the competition. The theme is PEACE IN THE WORLD and the special theme this year is VISION of PEACE.
Here are some of the paintings. The pupils have made poems to their drawings.

What do you choose?
peace or war
guns or roses
green or black
weapons or love
it’s your choice
I have already chosen
Philip 12 years old

Love at first sight
you look at me
I look at you
let it be peace
Jossan 12 years old

Guns are no
peace is yes
and you are love
that will you know!
Jossan 12 years old

Peace around the world
peace around the globe
full with flowers,
and peaceful humans
holding hands
Simon 12 years old

I broken all the guns
in the world
it’s peace and love!
Jossan 12 years old

No war in the world
just love
war is not good in the world
but love is good
Leotrim 12 years old

Peace is love,
love is peace,
War is sorrow,
sorrow is war.
When the war is over
then the sun shines high in the sky
But when the war starts
then the sky is empty
and the sun disappears away.
Stina 12 years old

War is not good
for the world
But love
is good
Arvid 12 years old

Around the world
let it be peace
no weapon and no violence
just peace and love everywhere
Then everybody
is happy
Mattias 12 years old

There is a difference
between hate and love
but what is the difference
of piece and war
or war and love?
Eric 12 years old

War is never good
and it will never be beautiful
War never solves any problems
it only makes more of them
Peace on the other side
is a good and beautiful thing
And the world will be a better place
for everyone.
Jennifer 12 years old

Peace is love
War is bad
nothing of them can be done
when we try we fail
If we work together
we will win
If we win
we will have peace
Ilirjan 12 years old

Why do people cry?
Why do people make war?
Why do people not have fun?
Visar 12 years old

It’s love in a stronger
It’s like the first snow
But full of joy
That you cannot imagine
Coldness and fear.
Happyness is drowned with
revenge and hate
Peace is the most kind and loving emotion
It’s caring about the people you love.


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Swedish verbs

In class F-2 ( 6-8 years old) we have worked with verbs. Can see what word it is?
Maybe you need some help:
  • You make cakes
  • You are angry
  • You make music
  • You are someone who like books
  • You go to school by .......
  • You go higher and higher
  • You make a house

Can you guess the words, in English and in your language?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cars - from Sweden

Name of the car; Connie and the gang.
It is a car for ten persons.
You can go with the car to the space.
Once upon a time the passengers stopped and took a rest on Mars.
When they came to Neptunus they took samples to see if there was any life on the planet.
On their way home they went in to a black hole.

The cars and the story was made of pupils in class 1 -2. They are 7-8 years old.
The car is made of things you can recycle.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Rowanberries from Sweden

Rowanberrieies are very common in Sweden, from the south part to the north part of the "long" country.
Often it is like a bush, and the seldom becomes more than 10 meters high.
The rowanberry trees blooms in May, with white flowers which a wonderful smell. The insects love the flowers.
Rowanberry is closely related to apple and pears and the berries look like small, small red apples. The berries are ready in August and the birds like to eat them. You can find berries left on the bare tree in the winter.
You can pick the berries and make marmalade or jelly.
Rowanberry is a sour berry ... and the fox in the fable also realized that.
"Sour, said the fox, about the rowanberries."
Do you have rowanberries in your country? What is the most common berry in your neighbourhood?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monday, 4 October 2010

Grimsås school

Grimsås school is a country side school in the south part of Sweden.
There are 80 pupils in the school, in ages between six and twelve.

In this building do the youngest pupils, 6-8 years old, have their lessons. Here is also the lunch room, where the children have free food every day. In the background you can see the sports hall.
In this building you can find class 3 -6. The pupils are from 9 to 12 years old. There is also a library in this building.

School starts at 8.40 every day and most of the days the school day lasts until halv past two.
The subjects are Swedish, maths, English, social studies, science, music, art, handicraft and PE.
On the photo you can see a part of the school yard.

Project idea

Pupils from different countries share their work of art and inspire each other to create new paintings, drawings and other kind of art. The project also involves short stories connected to the drawings.

Aims:To share and learn about art from different countries, to work with different drawing and painting techniques, to share culture... read moreTo share and learn about art from different countries, to work with different drawing and painting techniques, to share culture and storyt elling and to be familiar with school and customs in other parts of Europe.

Work process:The schools and classes which take part in the project produce different kinds of drawings, paintings or other art creations... read moreThe schools and classes which take part in the project produce different kinds of drawings, paintings or other art creations in October and November. Every school can present 3 - 10 different works of art. Many classes in the school can take part in the project. Before the end of November every school will present their creations such as pictures (photos), slideshows, power point or photo story on the blog (Blogger or the new e-twinning blog). A fictive story, a fairy tale or facts is attached to the drawings. Until November - December every school makes a short presentation of their country, town and school. From November -March pupils use the works of arts that have been published, as inspiration to create their own products. In April. as latest, every school show the results on the blog. The paintings/drawings/art creations can be printed in every school, and at the same date in April, every school has an art exhibition. The stories that belong to the drawings are translated into the language that every exibition visitor can understand. A film from the exhibitions in every country will be the closing of the project.

Expected results:To learn about art, similarities and differences. To develop techniques in art and to get new ideas. To inspire each... read moreTo learn about art, similarities and differences. To develop techniques in art and to get new ideas. To inspire each other. To learn about culture, fairy tales and story telling in different countries. To get more familiar with ICT-tools. To make the pupils feel that they are a part of the European classroom. To have fun.